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Cocoa-dusted Chambord chocolate truffle:  Chambord is a raspberry cordial with a very delicate flavor.  We used the essence of the original cordial to create a subtle blend of chocolate and raspberries to delight the senses.   Cocoa-dusted Grand Marnier chocolate truffle:  Grand Marnier is an orange flavored cordial.  In contrast to the subtly Chambord truffles, we wanted a very bold orange flavor for these.  The chocolate and orange pairing comes through in a bold and direct way. Cocoa-dusted Black Truffle chocolate truffle:  This delectable blend of sweet and savory is the height of decadence.  We find that the truffle flavor profile can sometimes act as a sledgehammer and overpower it flavor partners so we strove to create a delicacy that truly paired.  We feel we did just this, but you will have to tell us what you think.  As you bite into this truffle the chocolate definitely is the opening note, but about halfway through the truffle comes in and adds a richness and depth to the chocolate.  We like to call this a marriage as the flavors it creates are inseparable rather than layered.   Chocolate-coated Molasses toffee:  So the thing we like least about toffee is how it can stick in my teeth so we strove to create one that did not and…. we succeeded.  This toffee will crunch then just melt away.  The molasses provides a depth to the toffee that you do not see with a white sugar variety while not overpowering the chocolate.  This is one of our top sellers. Chocolate-coated chocolate nougat:  In our opinion there are not as many examples of high quality nougat in the US as you would see in the European markets.  In Europe, nougat is seen in quite a few manifestations and commonly seen as a holiday treat.  You will see with our nougat a soft and yielding texture while still having enough body for an al dente experience.  The chocolate of the nougat layers well with the chocolate coating allowing for a duality of complementing flavors.   Chocolate-coated vanilla bean salted caramel:  The general consensus is that people who like caramel respond very well to ours.  We use real Madagascar vanilla beans in each batch giving the rich vanilla flavor that only real vanilla bean can provide.  This paired with the sweet richness of the caramel flavor and our amazing chocolate creates something worth savoring, but you may find it difficult to eat slowly!

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